Corporate Audit Staff

The auditor who audits your auditor’s auditor


Most auditors only ensure you are doing what you say you are doing, or what has been established as a law or other rule

Auditors do not ensure your company is spending time, money, and/or other resources most efficiently

Our Services are Your Solution

We save you money, simple as that.

We ensure you are not buying what you already own

We ensure you are not buying what you don’t want (fake/scam invoices)

We ensure you are not overpaying for what you do want by checking available rates, applicable discounts, negotiating on your behalf, and checking for billing errors/mistakes

We find additional products and services for you that you want, at the best price

Example – we found a local 501c3 Non-Profit organization was overpaying for their Accounting, Communications, and IT software, by not taking advantage of the best rates available to registered charities, by finding duplicate functionality in essentially redundant systems, and by finding billing errors. This saved real money going out the door, increasing their cash flow. We also found additional services that the client wanted at no-to-low cost. In total, within 3 months, we found over $300,000 of savings, which represented about 10% of the organization’s annual revenue.

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